Zažijte Evropu 2024 / Experience Europe 2024

This year, the festival season will start in Prague right at the stroke of the first days of May. Wednesday 1 May will be a celebration of Europe on the Prague Islands in the center of Prague. As part of the "Experience Europe" event, the Czech Republic will commemorate twenty years since joining the European Union. From the original Europe Day, which has been celebrated on the old continent for many years, this year it will be Europe Week.

It will also include the 21st year of the traditional United Islands of Prague festival, on the Prague islands this year the organizers will offer not only the best of Czech budding artists, but also the most interesting discoveries from the European music scene.

Experience Europe 2024 programme / 1. 5. 2024

The program takes place from 12PM on Prague's Strelecky Island, Václav Havel Square, Europa Experience and the surrounding area. You can look forward to the presentation of embassies, musical performances, debates, workshops, cinema and exhibitions. During the day, you can use the special Europa tram stop on the Legií bridge.

You can look forward to these musical performances.

Freakin´ Disco (HU)

Baasch (PL)


Glad for Today (CZ)

Meelik (EE)

Tautumeitas (LV)

Dušan Vlk (SK)

Inspo (LV)


A great non-musical program also awaits you. And much more.

Prezentace ambasád

Výstava Opráski sčeskí historje – slavíme 20 let Česka v EU

Knižní expedice Evropou

Podcasty a debaty

This is what it looked like at the Europe Day celebration last year

It brings you the celebrations of 20 years of the Czech Republic in the European Union

United Islands of Prague United Islands of Prague 2024

EU 20 let