Baasch (PL)

Baasch is Bartek Schmidt, a singer, music producer and songwriter. He is known both as a gifted songwriter who makes poetic and personal electronic music, and as the author of illustrative soundtracks for both films and theatrical productions. He received a Fryderyk Award for his groundbreaking—a first one sung in Polish—album „Night.” He was nominated for the same award for his music for the play „Balladyna,” directed by Oskar Sadowski.

He is one of the most original artists of the Polish alternative scene. Balancing between atmospheric synth pop and the euphoria of club music, he combines distant worlds in his own unique way. His sounds are bound together by his unusual timbre of voice, thanks to which luminous melodies are served in an elegantly matte manner.

He is currently in the process of releasing a series of releases that make up his fourth studio album. The three EPs represent a new opening in Baasch’s musical journey. The new album will feature guests, including Berlin-based artist Rosa Anschütz. He has collaborated with many Polish artists, including Catz 'n Dogz, Bokka, Rysy, A_gim and Zamilska.

He has performed at major festivals in Poland-such as Open’er, Męskie Granie, Audioriver-and Europe, such as Hungary’s Sziget.

He performs live with a three-member band. Bartek is accompanied on stage by Robert Alabrudzinski and Alek Żurowski, collaborators who have been involved in the project for years, also working with him in the studio.

Baasch (PL)

When and where?

1.5.2024 17:15 - 18:00
Evropa Stage