About festival & Contacts

United Islands is an international music multi-genre festival that has been taking place in Prague since 2004. The festival is free of charge every year and presents new musical discoveries. In addition, it offers a rich non-musical program which, in addition to entertainment, reflects current social issues. For many years, the festival has stood on the side of truth and democracy. The program of the United Islands of Prague festival traditionally takes place in the historical center on the Prague islands.


Martin Voňka / martin.vonka@unitedislands.cz
David Gaydečka / david.gaydecka@unitedislands.cz

Alena Švejnohová / head of client operations / alena.svejnohova@metronome.cz
Martina Lesner / booking / martina.lesner@unitedislands.cz
Kryštof Dobrovský / production & food and beverage services / krystof.dobro@unitedislands.cz
Martin Štěrba / head of marketing / martin.sterba@unitedislands.cz
Michal "Gumi" Nguyen / dramaturg United Klubovna 
Lubomír Rek / Ostrovy inspirace a nehudební program / lubomir.rek@unitedislands.cz
Dita Klapka / advancing / dita.klapka@unitedislands.cz 
Lukáš Mazoch / international cooperations and institutions / lukas.mazoch@unitedislands.cz
Nicol Dunčko / koordinátorka / nicol.duncko@unitedisland

The organizer of the festival is:

Ostrovy s.r.o.
Terronská 873/3
160 00 Praha 6
IČ: 27232948
e-mail: info@unitedislands.cz