Symphony for Humanity Concert

Prague is a place where xenophobia and stereotypical condemnation of others is not tolerated. This is the main subtitle of the special Symphony for Humanity concert, which will take place on May 2nd on Strelecky Island and will feature, among others, Ben Cristovao and Sofian Medjmedj. 

The Symphony for Humanity concert is being prepared on the basis of the Light of Understanding project. It has been organized since 2004 as a celebration of tolerance through art, which began in the church of St. Spirit and in the Spanish Synagogue in the Old Town in Prague. It gradually spread to important concert halls, such as Prague's Rudolfinum. And in 2022 the Light of Understanding even traveled to the Cemal Resit Rey concert hall in Istanbul. Through art, music and dance, it unites people of different faiths, cultures, nationalities, roots and ethnicities. It is a unique musical experience representing different musical genres from classical music, jazz, to pop, rock and alternative. 

At the end, a symphonic piece will be heard, composed every year especially for this concert by the author of the project, Peter Györi.

On Thursday, May 2, from 7:45 p.m. on Strelecky Island, the following will perform at a special concert against xenophobia:

Ben Cristovao (CZ)

Sofian MedjMedj (CZ)

Gypsy Devils (SK)

All Star Refjúdží Band (CZ)

Robert Fischmann (CZ)

Unique Orchestra (CZ)

Peter Györi (SK)

2gether – Yinon Muallem & Saman Alias (IL)

Anamária d'Almeida (CZ)

Dennyiah (SK)

Walid Ben Selim (MA)

Michal Müller (CZ)

Nikki Triiio (CZ)


Roxana Hädler (CZ)



The team of the United Islands of Prague festival and newly minted Czech citizen Serge Borenstein, who moved to Prague after 1989 and started a real estate business here, are behind the special concert.