What's in the Box (CZ)

The origins of the band date back to February 2017 after the break-up of ANEURYSM when Herák (guitar, lead vocals) asked his good friend Dantez (bass guitar), who recently lost his band ARAI, to start a new band. In the meantime, Oťas (drums) joined the band and the three felt now it was the right time to kick it off.

Straight from the beginning they made themselves understood they are not going to perform until at least 45 minutes long playlist and a record wouldn’t be done. However, they were not able to achieve the first above mentioned but successfully recorded the album. The band started recording in March 2019 and finally, at the end of May 2019, they performed their first public gig at Divadlo pod Lampou, Pilsen.

Shortly before releasing the album, the band shot their first video for the song “Plastic Books” under the supervision of Radim Věžník. The album was released in the limited amount of 30 CDs and the album launch event finally took place on 27.9.2019 where all the available CDs have been sold out.

Since 31.5.2019 the band played approximately 20 gigs at some very interesting events like Živá ulice, Bernfest or the Beer festival in Nepomuk. The band didn’t win any competition yet. This might be caused by the fact; the band didn’t participate in any at all…

Drummer Oťas is leaving in March 2022. The band just broke up with him and they continue to remain friends. However, a replacement appeare almost immediately, Pavel (ex Disavoir vivre, The Sound of Violence). After two months, the band is ready perform again and with a new member played their first concert in Brno in a club Cabinet of Muses. WITB continue to actively tour. They started working on the second albumwith the experienced Thom Fröd in his studio „I“. From the upcoming act 28.9. Cartoon Network’s first single is released in 2022 including a video clip on which they collaborated with Filip Hudousek.

What's in the Box (CZ)

When and where?

2.5.2024 22:00 - 22:30
Chapeau Rouge