Undo Redo (CZ)

A new music project where members of the electronic dance duo Noisy Pots - Michal Šupák and Jakub Tengler, teamed up with multi-instrumentalist Antonín Dlapa and ventured into slightly different genre waters.

The unique sound of Undo Redo (formerly Post Noisy Pots) is created by combining buckets, pots, and other "instruments" from the kitchen or garage with live electronics, elements of jazz, African-American music, and classics. This original mix is enriched with instrumental virtuosity and a significant role of improvisation, which is very close to all members.

Michal Šupák is a multi-genre pianist, composer, music producer, a graduate of the Prague HAMU, and a former member of the band Charlie Straight. He has performed in concert halls, festivals, and music clubs in the Czech Republic, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the USA, South Korea, and elsewhere. He performs as a piano soloist with predominantly original repertoire, occasionally with orchestras. He composes film and stage music and is, among other things, a member of the Sunny Swing Orchestra.

Guitarist Antonín Dlapa is bridging genres - his musical experience was gained through collaboration with a diverse range of performers, including Tonya Graves, Voila!, Sisa Feher & FeheroRocher, Nina Rosa, as well as hip-hop groups Prago Union and Chaozz.

Jakub Tengler studied percussion at HAMU, JAMU, and at the University of Vienna under Friedrich Ozmece. In 2012, he was selected for a residency in New York (Music OMI). He is a member of SOČRu and besides Noisy Pots, he performs on the music scene with The Survivors under the leadership of Jiří Slavík, with the electronic project Floex, or in Jiří Levíček's trio.

The Undo Redo project (originally under the name Post Noisy Pots) arose from the initiative of Vilém Spilka, the director of Jazzfest Brno. The first concert, which took place at the eponymous festival in 2021 without an audience, was broadcast on ČT Art. The band won the Central EuropeanJazz Showcase 2022 competition and performed concerts at events such as Czech Music Crossroads 2023, Youth Tune Jazz, Syncope Celebrations, among others.

Undo Redo (CZ)

When and where?

4.5.2024 18:30 - 19:15
DPP Stage – powered by ČRo Jazz Stage