Songs from Utopia (CH)

Five years have passed since their last release, "Grip", but Songs from Utopia have not been idle since then. "We've covered thousands of kilometres and often performed at festivals," says drummer Jura Dolezal. A clear indication that the experienced duo is far from having had enough and want to continue developing - not least through concert appearances. "These are and will remain our centrepiece," says Dolezal.

Band founder, songwriter and singer Rebekka Zarkava is convinced that the new songs have matured and have more soul music. Combined with their flair for surf sounds, rockabilly and roots music, the band's latest album, "Bac de Roda", is correspondingly fresh, brisk and focussed. When asked about current influences, the musicians mention the Ugandan-British songwriter Michael Kiwanuka and, in particular, the work of the US-American Black Pumas, who mix funk with soul and latin. Both of these influences reflect Songs from Utopia's turn towards soul.

Zarkava and Dolezal recorded the eleven tracks, which primarily rely on guitar, vocals and drums, in Barcelona - in the renowned "Sol de Sants" studios with the sound engineer Alberto Pérez. "We were thrilled that he knows his way around both the old and the modern world of sound," enthuses Zarkava. The collaboration was as efficient as it was effective: "We wanted us to sound the same on the album as we do on stage," explains the artist. That's why the sparsely arranged songs were mostly recorded live.

The result is songs such as the hypnotic, sparkling "Lia mon IA" or the sensual "Wild Love", which lives up to its title. Black Cloud", which combines surf sounds with post-punk, also impresses with pressure, drive and unrelenting dynamics. Songs from Utopia succeed in creating mysterious music that entices you to listen, dance and lose yourself. What's more, the duo really do know how to tell a story: sometimes their songs, characterised by space and tranquillity, are about the connection with extraterrestrials or a new ruler of the world, sometimes about a smart wolf or the crazy end of a love affair.

All reasons to lend your ear and your dancing legs to the new work by Songs from Utopia. To experience all the facets of "Bac de Roda" for yourself, you should definitely listen to the album out loud. It's a brilliant experience - that's a promise.

Songs from Utopia (CH)

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