Music Family (CZ)

We love music, and a shared passion brought us together. We met in the summer of 2018 at a music camp, and within a single week, our first hit "Oceans" was born. This fateful encounter sparked our regular rehearsals and concerts. So now, we've been functioning together for six years.

We compose our own music in Czech, English, and Portuguese. Genre-wise, we move in the spheres of ska, funky, pop, pop-rock, and similar disciplines. Our repertoire also includes some cover songs. Currently, we're intensely working on releasing an EP; it's all coming together, and we're diligently recording. We're refreshing our repertoire, creating new fantastic songs, such as "Brýle iluzí," which you'll also find on the new album.

In the fall of 2023, we participated in two major competitions: the Kobylafest Festival of Student Bands, where we placed 3rd, and the Real League competition, where we made it to the finals, finishing 2nd in the Junior category and 6th overall among participating adult bands from the Central Bohemian Region. In 2023 alone, we played nearly 30 concerts.

We're no longer 10 years old as we were at the beginning; we've grown from children into teenagers, our musical instruments are no longer bigger than us, and musically, we've made significant progress. Our members are now aged 14-18. With the arrival of new members, the band has reached new levels; we're full of enthusiasm and excitement, composing as if our lives depended on it, performing concerts, and looking forward to what tomorrow brings. And there's so much ahead of us...

Music Family (CZ)

When and where?

4.5.2024 13:30 - 14:15
Evropa Stage