Moses Yoofee Trio (DE)

The Moses Yoofee Trio is the newest project and ensemble of highly acclaimed pianist & producer Moses Yoofee. Yoofee is known for his phenomenal talent in the field of jazz & production. The trio produces an explosive sound, drawing influence from the fields of jazz, hip-hop, R&B, soul music. Accompanied by top German drummer, Noah Fürbringer and the soulful Roman Klobe on bass, the trio exceptionally delivers studio recordings while also being able to perform mind-blowing live performances, oozed with talented musicianship & vibrant energy.

The trio has risen to social media attention upon their sneak-peek snippets of live recordings from the studio, where members have seen, collectively, over 20,000 new followers from all parts of the globe urging to hear their music (which they are yet to release), and also attracting attention from global-standing musicians & producers, from Kamaal Williams, Kaidi Taitham, Navy Blue, Trizzy Track, Gilles Peterson, and more.

The performance is supported by the Czech-German Future Fund.

Moses Yoofee Trio (DE)

When and where?

4.5.2024 19:45 - 20:30
Fajn Radio Stage