Maella (CZ)

Maella, a singer with Czech roots currently residing mainly in England, where she studied music. She has been drawn to music since childhood, coming from a musical family. She captivates listeners with her charismatic to hypnotic voice in dark ambient music.

Maella's alt-pop sound and music have also caught the attention of international television stations like BBC Introducing London, where she secured a slot as a featured artist on BBC. Her tracks can also be found in films, such as "Bábovky," and in databases for reality shows like "Temptation" (US) and "Global TV" (CAN).

At the end of 2022, she released her EP "Slow Burn" along with a stylized, choreographically tuned music video for the song "Tudu Tudu Tu," which showcased the album. She also appeared as a guest on Adam PavlovĨin's CZ&SK tour under his alias Adonxs and participated in the Czeching Showcase on Radio Wave.

Maella (CZ)

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