junk-E-cat (DE)

Berlin-based musician junk-E-cat immerses his audience in a captivating world of pulsating rhythms and melodic interplays of saxophone and bass clarinet. His distinctive blend of acoustic and electronic elements crafts immersive soundscapes, perfect for both intimate club settings and expansive festival stages.

"Contemporary and technically virtuoso combination of handmade and electronic music" - TAZ

junk-E-cat's performances are a holistic work of art, meticulously crafted by him alone to integrate music, light and visuals, capturing the audience's full attention. Beyond conventional stages, he constantly seeks fresh thrills and extraordinary locations for his acts. Whether on rooftops, cranes, cherry pickers or abandoned sites - his creative spirit and quest for unique settings are boundless. His enigmatic masked persona adds an element of mystery, heightening the allure and excitement of his shows.

The performance is supported by the Czech-German Future Fund.

junk-E-cat (DE)

When and where?

3.5.2024 19:15 - 20:15
Radio1 Stage