Good Times Only (CZ)

The Prague band Good Times Only released their second album "Teď na to myslim" in the fall of 2023. Once again, Lazer Viking took care of the production of the playful recording, and Good Times Only present contemporary pop with Czech lyrics as they envision it. During the writing process, they were able to alternate between reference tracks from American rapper Lil Yachty, the band The War On Drugs, or the Slovak musician Vašo Patejdl. Even the four teaser singles couldn't hint at how the rest of the recording would sound.

With "Teď na to myslim," Good Times Only showcase themselves in their most mature and playful form yet. Smooth synth-pop is interspersed with acoustic guitar and piano across eight tracks, as the band winks back at their beginnings and debut EP "Nedělní Luka" (2018). In contrast to their debut album "Pěkný chvíle" (2020), where frontman Filip Černý reflected on a crumbling relationship, GTO this time decided to adopt a "one song, one story" approach.

Love songs certainly haven't disappeared; among the most romantic on the album are "Z0NA100," "Pro tebe cool," or the titular "Teď na to myslim." However, there are also tracks about a relationship that would have been better left in the virtual space ("Tak jsme tu"), loss in the family ("Musíš jít"), or the common spleen accompanied by a feeling of guilt ("Takhle se nedá žít"). The recording itself took place in a rehearsal room in Bubeneč, with the album production handled by the band's long-time collaborator Lazer Viking (Jakub Kaifosz), mixing by Tomáš Havlen, and mastering by Martin Havlen (Resound studio).

Originally a four-member band, Good Times Only, which has opened for acts like alt-J, Gus Dapperton, and Marcell in its six years of existence, has expanded this year to include a fifth member (Lukáš Klavrza on keyboards), and their creative process has evolved as well. "We found a new common language. Before, I could hardly show a developed text in the rehearsal room. On 'Teď na to myslim,' we wrote together for the first time," says frontman Filip. Work on the new album began with two singles from last year, "Z0NA100" and "Tak jsme tu."

Good Times Only showcase themselves in their most mature and playful form yet on "Teď na to myslim" and embark on a accompanying tour to Czech clubs with several musical guests. The album release party will take place on November 30th at Kasárna Karlín.

Good Times Only are: Filip Černý (vocals), Zdeněk Prokopec (guitar), Kryštof Volkman (bass), Matěj Bouda (drums), Lukáš Klavrza (keyboards).

Good Times Only (CZ)

When and where?

3.5.2024 18:30 - 19:15
Evropa Stage