Acoustic Project (HR)

he Acoustic Project ensemble was founded in 2008 by its leader, the composer and double bassist DubravkoPalanović, who created it in cooperation with its members - his colleagues and friends.

The ten great musicians that make up the ensemble, mostly virtuosos of their instruments, are a unique phenomenon on the Croatian and regional music scene. Over the years, many transformations have taken place both in the line-up of musicians and in the musical expression itself. The ensemble owes its recognizable, unique identity, which is reflected in itsconcept, programme and performance, to its wide musical spectrum of classical, jazz, folklore and even rock music. Its first CD, called Acoustic Project, was released in 2012 by Aquarius Records and Morris studio.In the same year, the record was nominated for the Croatian Porin Record Award.These great musicians continuously face various challenges, ready to experiment musically, always trying to reach new and as yet unexplored “lands of music”.

Both the audience and the music critics have praised the ensemble for expanding into new musical plains by introducing modern, innovative formal structures and instrumental procedures into classical music,different from the established, thus not only bringing it closer to other musical styles, but also making it more accessible to the audience which isalways open to new challenges, and eager to reach new horizons and exciting and as yet unexplored musical territories.

This ensemble of musicians is also a set of extremely virtuoso soloists, musicians capable of performing also in jazz/rock ensembles, as well as in various classical chamber ensembles and symphony orchestras.

Acoustic Project (HR)

When and where?

4.5.2024 15:00 - 15:45
Fajn Radio Stage