Food Zone


With us, everyone can choose!

In the area, you will find bars and gastro stands, as well as local and exotic specialties, from which everyone can choose. Whether you're a vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian, or vice versa, you can't do without a proper snack. Even food allergies are no obstacle for us.

We offer comfort as well as quality food and drink

If you want to take your time with your food, no problem either. You can also comfortably sit down to eat in our gastro zone under the trees. Good food also includes quality drinks, from non-alkaline ones to beer, wine and mixed drinks. You can taste both domestic wines from Moravia and from abroad. We also offer a wide range of beer, from small local breweries to established brands.

More time for musical experiences, ideally without queues

They say that all good things are worth waiting for. Even for good food. With us, however, considering the scope of the gastro zone, the wait is minimal. We also make sure that our food can be eaten on the move while moving from one musical experience to another.


Payments by card, watch and mobile phone

With NFCtron, you will pay quickly, securely and, above all, worry-free with us this year. Thanks to NFCtron, you will be able to pay conveniently with a payment card, watch or mobile phone at all points of sale. If you do not have the option of paying by card, you can easily pay in cash. Sellers are required to register cash payments.

Hand in hand with nature

Thanks to the NFCtron Pay solution, we won't print any unnecessary receipts, you can simply check everything online. After each payment, just wait for authorization and a green screen with order confirmation and a QR code. Just scan the QR code and view the receipt online.

3 tips for quick payment from NFCtron

Place the card in the correct place and hold it for at least 2 seconds. In the case of paying by mobile phone, we recommend placing the back of the phone against the reader. To get the receipt, just scan the QR code after making the payment, which you will see on the seller's green screen. We don't print anything, we go hand in hand with nature!


  • If possible, we handle the maximum operation of the eco-friendly gastro zone - returnable cups are a matter of course and all vendors must use biodegradable or recyclable dishes. Our long-term goal is to maximize the amount of food from local growers, and we successfully manage to increase this share every year.

Do you want to have your own sales stand at the festival? It's simple, just let us know via the NFCtron website.

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