"Sailing back to the islands",
announces the United Islands of Prague festival and invites you to the centre of Prague!

On the weekend of 25-26 June 2021, Prague will be the venue for a celebration of the restart of cultural events in the Czech Republic and a traditional music festival all in one. The 18th edition of the multi-genre festival United Islands of Prague will take place here, where countless talented Czech and international musicians will once again perform after a hiatus. After five years, the event will move from Karlín back to the islands right in the heart of Prague. Musically, it will also return to its roots and original dramaturgy. In addition to the emerging discoveries of the domestic and international scene, the organisers will also prepare a unique non-musical programme for visitors in cooperation with strong Prague public space actors, thematically linking sustainability and diversity. Entrance will be free for all.

The 18th edition of the United Islands of Prague festival with the subtitle German Edition vol.2 will take place in the very centre of Prague on Střelecký ostrov, Kampa, Dětský ostrov and Janáček embankment on the last weekend of June. That is, right where he grew up in the past. "While this year's return to the islands will only herald a return in its entirety in 2022, we hope to enjoy it with the audience as much as some of the most successful editions in the days when we were still operating annually on the islands in the centre. It will be an opportunity to reminisce a bit about the old days or, conversely, to experience music for the first time in places that have long been part of the main idea behind United Islands of Prague," says David Gaydečka, the festival's organiser.

The festival will also return to its roots musically. The bold dramaturgy will introduce visitors to the most interesting emerging discoveries of the domestic and international scene of all possible genres. This year, Barbora Šubrtová, who is returning to the United Islands of Prague Festival after five years, will be in charge of the programme. "I am really looking forward to discovering the latest trends and bands not only from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but from all over Europe. Urban and electronic music will be more prominent, but indie, folk and alternative music will form a strong foundation, as visitors are used to from previous years. If the international situation permits, United Islands will become this year's first international open air music festival for young bands, performers and artists," says Barbora Šubrtová, the music dramaturge, enthusiastically.

The vision of this year's festival is based on a quality non-musical programme that will uniquely connect well-known Prague entities that are dedicated to sustainability, diversity, culture or public space. "The programme is divided into the themes of Courage, Freedom, Health and Sustainability. To implement these themes, we invite strong partners such as the Association of Social
Responsibility, the Scout Institute, Museum Kampa, the Olympic Committee, Amnesty International and
many others. During the day you can look forward to panel discussions, workshops, lectures with
ambassadors and a programme for children." explains this year's vision Kamila Buráňová, coordinator of the
Festival coordinator.

The 18th edition of the United Islands of Prague festival will run from Friday 25 June 2021 to Saturday 26 June 2021. Entrance will be free for all, as it is every year. For more information, visit www.unitedislands.cz. 

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