Shelter Boy (DE)

Shelter Boy

German artist Shelter Boy has created a distinctive style combining dreamy guitar and raw vocals. The result is between indie-rock and dream-pop. On his 2019 EP Mirage Morning, he effortlessly draws us into his complex emotional world. It moves in the space between euphoria and the struggle of everyday life. Long days and even longer nights inspire the songs he writes and records in his apartment. Following his second EP, Rock'n'Roll Saved My Childhood, he is preparing his debut album Failure Familiar. He opens a glimpse into the future in the single Terrace, which is included on the debut. A fleeting glimpse of what it might be like to share the future with someone special, sitting together on the terrace, playing chess and enjoying the twilight. In 2019 Shelter Boy performed at several big festivals in Germany (Artlake, Immergut, Rocken Am Brocken etc.) and supported artists like Gus Dapperton, Yakob Ogawa and Omar Apollo. In January and February 2020, he will do his first tour in Germany. When he's not playing with his band Shelly Family, he travels alone with just his electric guitar and his performances are filled with an atmosphere of love and youthful frivolity. 

When and where?

Friday 18:45 – 19:45
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