Lor (PL)


Lor is a Polish group made up of four talented women from Krakow. They present an unusual atmospheric style based on a mix of piano (Julia Skiba), violin (Julia Błachuta) and vocals (Jagoda Kudlińska and Paulina Sumera). They are often described as the best performers of alternative pop. They released their first single Windmill in high school, which immediately got Polish critics out of their chairs. The band played at events such as Spring Break, Slot Art, Soundrive, European Music Trade Fair Co Jest Grane, Orange Warsaw Festival and OFF Festival, where they played live for American radio KEXP. In spring 2019, the girls released their long-awaited LP Lowlight, containing fifteen tender and poetic songs. At that time, they also went on tour where they were accompanied by a choir. In January 2020, they performed at the Sofar Sounds show in London, and at the end of February they released the Sunlight EP. They are inspired by indie-folk, alternative and neo-classical pop, paintings and poetry. Paulina Sumera's songs are almost short novels in which the listener can be transported to another world.

When and where?

Saturday 16:30 – 17:30
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