Koně a Prase

Kone a prase

The band Horses and Pigs was founded by Martin Janírek and Viktor Mikulášek in 2013 to play at openings. Two years later, Lenka Halová joined the duo and today's band was born. They started on simple songs with banjo, saxophone, heligonica and baby grand piano. They alternated instruments until finally their instrumentation became stable, namely Martin - paper drums, Viktor - bass, which they found in the boiler room, and Lenka - self-playing instruments.

Valmez eco-disco-punk trio played only in their hometown at the beginning. Humorous lyrics and simple melodies describe everyday situations of people with an emphasis on ecology and criticism of society. "To play, to make people happy, to pass on awareness" is their motto. 

The band was spotted by Petr Marek and Prokop Holoubek from the band Midi Lidi at the Zubštejn festival in 2018 and they took them as support for several of their sold-out Czech and Slovak concerts. Thanks to this, they were booked by organizers of various alternative festivals across the country. It took five years for the band to record the album on their own, which they finally managed to do with the help of David Schwager and Jan Boros in Hada's studio in the mountains of northern Moravia. Before releasing the Potato Hits album on vinyl at the end of 2019, they released the single Vacuum Cleaner and put it on Radio 1's Big Seven chart. It stayed there for seven weeks. 

When and where?

Friday 16:45 – 17:45
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