The United Islands of Prague Festival will now offer visitors Islands of Inspiration under the auspices of ambassadors.

The 18th edition of the United Islands of Prague festival is preparing a return to the islands and a diverse mix of musical performers, in addition to the concept of Islands of Inspiration. This is a programme in collaboration with inspiring organisations and entities, which starts on Friday and continues on Saturday morning. Islands of Inspiration is based on the idea of sustainability and diversity. The themes for this year are Freedom, Courage, Health and the aforementioned Sustainability. Festival visitors will enjoy interesting workshops, lectures and talks with ambassadors, panel discussions, sports activities, a sustainable relaxation zone and a programme for children. Entrance will traditionally be free for all.

This year's United Islands of Prague festival with the subtitle German Edition vol.2 will take place on the last weekend of June in the very centre of Prague on Střelecký ostrov, Kampa, Dětský ostrov and Janáčkovo nábřeží.

Islands of Inspiration as an equal partner of the music part

The vision of this year's event is based on a quality non-musical program that will uniquely connect well-known Prague entities dedicated to sustainability, diversity, culture, or public space. It will be thematically divided into the themes of Courage, Freedom, Health and Sustainability. Visitors will be able to choose what is closest to their hearts. But it is already clear that this will not be an easy decision. The Czech-German zone with its varied programme on sustainability, the Scout Institute with its activities on Freedom, and the sustainable relax zone of goodness Association of Social Responsibility on Kampa, where, in addition to relaxing, people will be able to play SDGs football, entertain children with the Game for a Better World or be the first to see sustainable gifts from the new e-shop Buy for Good. "As part of the United Islands Festival, we will be introducing our new Shop for Good e-shop with sustainable gifts to the public for the first time ever. Everyone will soon be able to shop for good. We are looking forward to the change in shopping behaviour that we are initiating with this project," says Lucie Mádlová, Director and Founder of the Association for Social Responsibility. 

United Islands 2021

The theme of Courage on Střelecký Ostrov is implemented by Čajomír with workshops, Amnesty International with a campaign for Belarus and Paddlefest, which will offer not only a unique combination of comfort by the water with live music watched from paddleboards but also another very adventurous program on the water. For example, it will be possible to test new models for free or compete on team paddleboards. The EDU zone will also be dedicated to Sport, Value and Health. This has been prepared for children and adults by the Czech Olympic Committee and sports enthusiasts will learn interesting information about Olympism and Olympic values through exhibitions and videos. There will also be fun activities for children. The Magnoli platform will try to dispel myths related to sustainability, diversity and inclusion in its tent on Janáček Embankment on Saturday 26 June. On the summer stage of the Kampa Museum, you will be able to take part in a recycling workshop or listen to an engaging discussion, including Tereza Ramba and Vojta Kotek. Already on Friday, United Islands will open with a workshop on "Respect is sexy" by the Konsent platform, and on Saturday, the audience can look forward to a performance from the comfort zone in the form of the School of Improvisation. 

But there will be much more on the programme. "It's hard to pick anything in particular because everything is so unique and interactive, I would rather recommend that everyone arrive early on Saturday morning so they have the chance to try as much as possible! In addition to the big zones, discussions and activities from our ambassadors, I definitely recommend checking out the smaller workshops and booths from Loono, Kokoza, Memory of the Nation, KC Kampa, Slow Femme, Dramox and others in Kampa. Also, don't forget to visit the sports associations on the Children's Island, sign up for the bone marrow donor register with the Scouts along the way and film your video message on the topic of diversity at the stand of media partner Magnoli on Janáčkovo nábřeží," says Kamila Buráňová, coordinator of the

The United Islands of Prague Festival will take place from Friday 25 June 2021 to Saturday 26 June 2021. Entrance will be free for all, as it is every year.

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