Fvck_Kvlt & Žakhéles (SK)

fvck kvlt

Fvck_Kvlt is a solo trap project of Denise from the Trnava punk band The Wilderness. Other members of the group include Edúv Syn, DJ Kabal alias Žakhéles, Paris, Inšpektor Nádej and Crystalyne. The debut album Teachings and with it the emergence on the scene came at the end of 2019. Several singles, concerts, collaborations with other artists followed and 2020 culminated with the second album Zabijem sa!, which was also nominated for several Radio Head Awards: Album of the Year and Critics' Choice Award. There was a bit of media hype around this album. Musically and thematically, it is markedly different from the rest of the rap scene, to which, paradoxically, Fvck_Kvlt claims less inspiration than, for example, the hardcore punk DIY scene from which he emerged. From the beats to the final master everything comes from his own workshop. Live performances are immediate, dark and full of raw punk energy.

When and where?

Saturday 18:30 – 19:45
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