We’re preparing Freedom Island for you.

This year we will combine the celebration of United Islands with the celebration of freedom, and commemorate the thirty year anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain. Thus, as part of the festival we will have the Island of Freedom situated in Karlín in Prague, where bands from Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany and the Czech Republic will perform. The main star of the scene will be Polish art-rock group Trupa Trupa. The anniversary will also commemorate the symbolic “Wall of Freedom” and many other thematic activities associated with the accompanying program.

Freedom Island will be one of the main program highlights of the festival, and will be situated in the surroundings of Kaizel’s orchards and its heart will be the ČT art Freedom Stage. “All the bands that perform here are lucky to have grown up in a free society, which is certainly not taken for granted. Thirty years ago they would never have been able to meet on the same stage because of the regime’s tight grip . Most importantly, they can all create freely. Often, now-a-days we forget that freedom is not commonplace in the world so we invite you to come and be reminded of this and celebrate it with music, ” tempts Moimir Papalescu, executive producer of the festival.

The headliner of this scene will be the four-piece Polish rock group Trupa Trupa (PL), who are characterized by a remarkable mix of punk, psychedelic, pop and noise and are often compared to journalists to be a phenomenal Radiohead. Another musical attraction will be The Deadnotes (DE) from Freiburg, who are currently one of the most prominent names on the German pop and emo-punk scene. Equally interesting is the upcoming Hungarian band Saverne (HU), which combines the fun of Gorillaz, the danceability of Justice and the energetic backbone of Jack White.

Of course, the Czech Art and Freedom Stage will also include Czech and Slovak musicians. The Czech scene will be represented by the lively band The Atavists (CZ), whose characteristic sound is made up of dirty guitars, cracked retro organs and the distinctive vocal performance of frontman Adam Krofian. Slovakia will be represented by the Bratislava trio Walter Schnitzelsson (SK), whose show is an energetic ride full of catchy guitar riffs, distinctive vocal lines and striking rhythms.

The Arts Management Stage (which is also within the frame of Freedom Island) will be directed by students of arts management from the University of Economics and also promises first-class musical experiences to continue the celebration of freedom. It will also be a great experience for them to try their hand at organizing part of the festival. You can look forward to the Slovak energetic group From Our Hands (SK), who have already performed with such stars as Rise Against, Prodigy or Sum 41. The Prague band Purplefox Town (CZ) will also be on show. Their music is strongly reflected in their great love of the psychedelic 60‘s. Another attraction will be Budapests provocative indie post punk band Gustave Tiger (HU), headed by the provocotive singer Erika, who boasts success both in world music magazines and on the stages of European clubs and festivals. Also appearing will be the Ukrainian dark folk songwriter Sasha Boole (UA) best known for working with Nergal from the legendary Behemoth in his side project Me and That Man.


The music celebration is not the end

Celebrating 30 years since the revolution will not only be a theme of the music program. We are also preparing a number of other thematic activities. There will be a “wall of freedom” that will be decorated with graffiti from Czech and German street artists. With their creations they will express their view on the present state of democracy in the world. The program will also include a thematic quiz for children and adults. Parents can find out how well they remember the events of 1989 and check what their children know about the topic. All age groups will also enjoy a photo shoot in retro corner, where they will be able to take pictures of themselves on Wenceslas Square as it was in November 1989, or in a perfectly re-created pre-revolutionary teenage room. There will also be stands of non-profit organizations with other accompanying programs and to top off the program there will be a show of classic Trabant cars.

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