We have the first names of this year’s performers for you!

It is already clear that this year’s festival will bring you countless amazing experiences. You can look forward to not only discovering new unrivaled performers such as The Atavists from the Czech Republic or the Northern Irish jazz group the Robocobra Quartet, but also to celebrate thirty years since the historic Velvet Revolution and a rich program for Children’s Day. Again, entry will be free for everyone.

The main mission of this year’s festival will be to discover new interesting names on the Czech and international music scene. Hundreds of interesting musicians have presented themselves here for the past sixteen years. In the past, Mydy Rybycad and Zrní, just two examples of bands which sell out one concert after another, both had their chance to show themselves to the crowd on the big stage.

And this year’s Czech headliner knows all about it. “Kapitán Demo has already performed at United Islands in 2015 and is now returning to us after four years as the main Czech star and ambassador of New Discoveries. It will be his only Prague performance until December, ”says dramaturgist Kateřina Končelíková. Talented candidates can register for the aforementioned Discovery United Islands 2019 by Tuesday, April 23 at www.unitedislands.cz/objevy.

Robocobra Quartet, The Atavists and Kapitán Demo will play

You can look forward to the performance of the current biggest Czech discovery, The Atavists. In March, they were successful at the Anděl 2018 Music Awards, where they won two statuettes. The rock quartet, won discovery of the Year and also won the Rock category with their record Lo-Fi. Another Czech performer will be the rock quintet Povodí Ohře, which this year appeared in the nominations for the Apollo, Anděl and Vinyla awards.

This the 16th edition of the festival bears the subtitle “British Edition” as part of the British Embassy’s 100th Anniversary Celebration and talented musicians from the UK will receive the largest space this year. For example, the Robocobra Quartet (UK), which combines elements of punk and poetry, promises an unforgettable performance. The Belfast quartet’s songs have no solid shapes, and they take as much from art rock, modern classical music and hardcore savagery as Frank Zappa and Rage Against the Machine. In addition to the music program, there will also be the “British Isles”, which will represent individual regions such as Northern Ireland and Scotland.

This year’s festival will also feature the “Island of Freedom”, which will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. The Art Freedom Stage of the Czech Republic will also feature here, featuring bands that also celebrate this anniversary. The headliner of this stage will be the Polish art-rock hope Trupa Trupa (PL), which breaks European borders. Equally interesting will be the performance of the German band Deadnotes (DE), where the singer will undoubtedly head straight for the fans, as is customary. Between other names are Walter Schnitzelsson (SK), Tents (AT), The Gardener and The Tree (CH) and others.

We are also thinking of families with children who are looking for an original Children’s Day program. The main stage at Karlín Square will be dedicated to children in the morning. For example, the popular Trio Bombarďák will perform there, which never fails to please the children with a concert full of wild songs and crazy dances. In addition, children will have plenty of fun in the adjacent streets, where they will also be able to meet the Czech Television mascots Bob and Bobek, Večerníček and Ovci.

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