#hrajusebe. The United Islands Festival has a new visual identity from the creative artist Jsem Václav

The international music festival United Islands of Prague is coming with the biggest visual transformation during its time. During December, 38 creatives applied for the open competition, most of them students of graphic arts. After a great debate, a proposal from the author, who goes by the name Jsem Václav, was chosen. The new visual identity can be seen from today on the unitedislands.cz website and all festival social networks.

"The winning design caught our attention mainly with its processing, complexity and idea. Venc's proposal fully corresponds to how we imagine the United Islands of Prague festival today," explains director of island marketing Martin Štěrba.

"The visual appearance of the festival is made up of more than one game of thought. A unique set of surrealist illustrations has been created, connecting the spheres of art to issues of social responsibility. With unobtrusive hints, it opens a dialogue between seriousness and fun. Provocative headlines alternate with naive ones, and together the idea is underlined by a clear challenge hidden behind the hashtag #hrajusebe (#playyourself). Playing yourself is a win for absolute uniqueness and an open mind to further positively responsible actions," explains the author of the proposal.

The game is the basic motive of the entire new festival communication. Through the game, we leave behind barriers and stereotypes. When we are ourselves, enthusiasm, adrenaline, joy and success come. "Enthusiasm, joy and playfulness are what is an important part of the United Islands of Prague festival. We put on the podium those who are still waiting for their greatest glory. Zrní, Kapitán Demo, Midi Lidi, Sunflower Caravan, Mydy, Prago Union or Redzed, Amelie Siba, Annabelle, 58G or Hellwana have played at the festival as new performers in past years," adds festival director Kamila Buráňová.

The United Islands of Prague Festival will celebrate on 5-6 its 20th birthday in May, it will bring 70 artists from 15 countries from all over the world. Visitors can look forward to a diverse range of new musical performers from both the domestic and foreign scene. The popular non-musical program Ostrovy Inspirace will also be present. Various interesting organizations, associations from Prague 1, museums, theaters, cultural institutions, as well as festival partners will get their space. Since 2004, the festival has been the starting point for the careers of many of today's music stars.

03. 02. 2023