A Dull Set

A dull set

The duo Sam and Hayden come from the UK, from where they came to Prague soaked in 80's new wave and post punk. This space is musically explored by their band A Dull Set, which they founded two years ago. They are inspired by bands like The Lines, Sad Lovers & Giants or Kino. With their music they bring a fresh and unique perspective to a body of work that draws from one of the most important decades in music history.
Their energetic live shows reveal their punk roots, but 2020's What Kind of Spectacle EP hints at increasingly noticeable cold wave tendencies. Post punk and new wave has seen a big boom recently, especially with international bands such as Belarus' Molchat Doma, Russia's Motorama and Ireland's Fontaines DC. A Dull Set intends to expand their range. There is no similarly tuned band currently active in the Czech Republic. The band does not hide their ambitions, since the beginning of the year they have been working intensively on a new EP, which should be released in the summer. In March, they released the first taste of it, the single Mouthfeel, accompanied by an elaborate lyric video.

When and where?

Saturday 15:30 – 16:15
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